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'BUSINESS BASICS - start effective marketing online' (DM1)

An introduction to social marketing for small businesses. Learn how to set up a Facebook business page and Twitter business account. Tips and tweaks as well as common mistakes to avoid. Bring your pc or tablet to the course and leave with both accounts set up.


PINTEREST beginners (DM2)

Probably the most effective social site a business can currently use to drive traffic! Image based and growing in popularity at an amazing rate since launch 3 years ago. Simple but very effective for business users.

Learn how to set up your business account easily, add content and followers and then drive them to any given site you choose: Facebook, Website, Blog, anywhere. Uses images, video, products priced to sell and more. You will see how to easily add Pinterest as an extra tab to your Facebook Business Page.


PINTEREST advanced (DM3)

Learn the secret of acquiring thousands of followers, how to add great links, get your business verified, using analytics, integrating Pinterest into your marketing strategy and why you should. This course will enable you to move your Pinterest account up a notch and make it really build traffic and leads for you. It will also show you how and why you should be using Pinterest. 



To put it another way - YouTube. Video is the dominant medium online today. YouTube is massive in terms of viewing figures and businesses are using video more and more to reach fans and collect followers.

This course will show you in simple steps how to set up your own Business Channel on YouTube. Learn how to brand it, fully complete the account details, link it to Facebook and your other social marketing sites. How to upload your own videos, how to build a playlist, how to attract subscribers to your channel and much more. No technical skills required



This course covers 3 sites for business users: Instagram, Tumblr & Vine.

Why these three? Simple, they are all great sites for easy production and sharing for business promoting video. And they are free! Yes you can now produce short videos for your business and share them almost instantly to your other social platforms.

Video is the most popular format online for promotion, use these sites to get your business noticed.

Learn how to choose the right site, set up your business account easily, link it to your online social marketing network and start shooting your very own video! No technical skill required. If you can send an email you can use these sites.


Advanced FACEBOOK (DM6)

You've got your Facebook business page set up and working but you want to boost it, right?

This is where you learn how to increase the effectiveness and focus of your new page using analytics, promoting posts and pages, understanding Edge rank and loads more.

Find out how to 'laser' focus on the right potential customers, how to find out exactly who is following and interacting with you, how to customise your page, how to fully interact with customers and potential customers.

You will also get links to sites that help you resize and customise images and lots of other resources you can use, all free of charge.


Advanced Twitter (DM7)

You have set up your account and started Tweeting, now what?

Learn how to follow the right people for your business, set up public and private lists so you can follow your business competitors, find out who else is Tweeting in any given area or region, learn to schedule Tweets, customise your page, how to add photos and video to your Tweets, the correct way to use #hashtags and loads more.

At the end of this course you will understand the full power of Twitter and wonder why you didn't start using it way back


Effective BLOGGING (DM8)

Like an online diary on steroids. One of the very best social platforms to use for your business. Use your Blog to produce great content to feed your other sites such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Learn how to build followers directly to your Blog, write great posts and promote them to your other sites, provide a lighter 'un-official' side to your business, drive traffic to your website, add images and video, choose which Blogging platform is best for you and more.

Get links to great Blogging sites and Bloggers to help you develop your business Blog even further.


Google+ (DM9)

A beginners course to show you how to set up a Business Page and link it to your existing social marketing network. Plus how to post, add people to your 'circles' and customise/brand the page.


LinkedIn (DM10)

Learn how to open an account for free, write a comprehensive and effective profile page, build a company page, add followers, promote your business, find customers and leads and much more.


(further courses will be added, please let us know if you need a particular topic)


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